7 Sites of Wonders and Jewels of Palawan

What makes the province of Palawan worth a tourist’s time and effort? Herewith are the seven sites of wonders which make it a unique travel destination well-suited for those who want to commune with nature.

1 Puerto Princesa City

Puerto Princesa, the province’s capital is aptly nicknamed “the city in a forest: because of its natural wonders and its peoples’ unwavering commitment to the cause of preservation. Time and again, it has been recognized as been named the country’s and greenest city on top of the many international accolades it bagged.The city’s pride is the existence of  the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River (or Underground River), a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Measuring 8.2 kilometer,  this longest navigable underground river and the most beautiful subterranean river in the world, winds its way underneath a mountain range, through the St. Paul Underground River Cave, and then goes out into the South China Sea. The journey through the cave system will take you 24 kilometers long.

2 Cagayancillo

Proceed to Cagayancillo, an island municipality located 130 km to the north. Under its political jurisdiction is the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, an underwater sanctuary where nature thrives.  It is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Rising from the volcanic depths of the Sulu Sea, these magnificent attols encompass an astonishing diversity of marine life. It is the country’s first national marine park and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place of global importance being preserved for future generations of humankind.

From March until June, join the divers to experience the wonders of this unique underwater world – unparalleled variety of marine creatures, colorful reef fish corals growing in the shallows while sharks and pelagic haunt the steep drop offs to the open sea.

3 San Vicente

San Vicente’s Long Beach is a three-hour ride from the capital. It is reputed to be the longest white sand beach in the country with a total length of 14 kilometers. Surely, it deserves the title as a “Destination for Generations.” Experts would describe this backpacker’s dream destination as a “spectacle to see seemingly stretching endlessly to the horizon.”

4 Coron

The Kayangan Lake in Coron ind north of Palawan is popular as the cleanest lake in Asia. Of its beauty the government website has this to say: It evokes an image of a lagoon one was used to seeing only in postcards and movies – surrounded by rocky maountains covered by green trees and plants

5 Quezon

In Quezon town lies the Tabon Cave Complex,  an important archaeological site. Although the more than 100-hectare complex is supposed to have some 200 caves, only seven can be viewed. Of these, the Tabon Cave itself was the site where the remains of the oldest Homo sapiens in Southeast Asia were found, dating to 47,000 years ago.

It is actually located in the Lipuun Point Reservation, a 138-hectare museum site which covers 215 caves 35 of which have been established to be of significance. At present, only seven caves are open to the public.

6 Busuanga

The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary in Busuanga is the country’s major conservation showcase for wildlife habitat holding the single distinction as the first wildlife translocation experiment in Asia. It has evolved to becoming a home of important Philippine endemic and exotic wildlife from Africa

7 El Nido

El Nido’s unrivaled beauty rests on its massive limestone islands bordered by powder-fine beaches with cliffs jutting from translucent waters. There are six lagoons there and the most famous and easily accessible as the Big and Small Lagoons at Miniloc Island. Believed to be cave whose roofs collapsed million of years ago, they are best explored on a kayak or while snorkeling.


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