5 Historical Landmarks in Kalibo, Aklan

There are five National Historical Landmarks that Kalibo can be proud of.

1 martyrdom sites of the General Francisco del Castillo (March 17, 1897). Katipunan hero in Aklan at the corner side of the Pastrana Park between S. Martelino and Archbishop G.M. Reyes Streets

2 the Nineteen Martyrs (March 23, 1897) at the Acevedo Building at the 19 Martyrs Street

3 the Aklan Freedom Shrine where the 19 Martyrs and World War II martyred soldiers were buried, along the D. Maagma and Veterans’ Avenues


4 the birthplace of Victorino Mapa (February 25, 1855 – April 11, 1927), the 1st Filipino Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, at the site of the Glowmoon Hotel at S. Martelino Street 5 the birthplace of Most Reverend Gabriel Martelino Reyes, D.D., (March 24,1892 – October 10, 1952) 1st Filipino Archbishop of Cebu and Manila, at the site of the CAP Building, at the Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes Street.

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